BORN: December 5, 1839 / DIED: June 25, 1876
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Gen. George Armstrong Custer had a steller career in the U.S. Army. He made a name for himself during the Civil War as a hard officer. After the war, he continued serving in the Army out west and made it his life's work. In 1876, at a place called The Little Bighorn, in a campaign that has become known as "Custer's Last Stand", he and his entire regiment were wiped out by what one of his men said was the, "most indians I've ever seen in one place."

Over the years of Custer's life, not very many photographs were taken of him. But there are a few. Most were taken in photo studios but some were actually candid shots of him in the field. Here is a collection of photos taken of Custer in differant situations. I'll add more as I find them in my files.

What is your opinion of General Custer